T.Abdul Wahid Tanneries

T.Abdul Wahid Tanneries is located strategically between Chennai and Bangalore and consists of 2 main divisions, Tannery 1 & 2. Tannery 1 is a well equipped tannery with state-of-the-art machinery procured from the best manufacturers. The product lines processed in here are goat skins, cow calf and cow hides, with processing facilities from beam house upto crusting. Equipped with a state-of-the-art effluent treatment plant (ETP) with a 2 stage reverse osmosis system and chrome recovery plant (CRP) the tannery focuses on the importance of environmental protection.

Tannery 2 is equipped with world class post tanning and finishing operations to cater to the requirements of top brands in the industry. A Research and development (R&D) division of the tannery plays a key role in continuously developing and catering to the ever changing trends of the fashion and leather industries.