An eco print to be proud of

Pioneering effluent treatment plants with reverse osmosis technologies, T. Abdul Wahid Tanneries has always been at the forefront in meeting the needs of the environment. The tannery recovers 70% of the effluent water by reverse osmosis back into the tannery for reuse. A 2nd stage high pressure reverse osmosis plant treats the rejected water from the first stage recovering 67% of that water back into the tannery for reuse. Between the two reverse osmosis plants a total of 90% of the water is recycled back into the plant and the remaining 10% is sent to solar pans for evaporation.

The tannery is working on maintaining a zero liquid discharge on all its processing. A state-of-the-art chrome recovery plant within the tannery premises with a capacity of 90,000 Ltrs/week, ensures ZERO chromium discharge in the treated water. Recently T. Abdul Wahid Tanneries has been audited by the Leather Working Group and has achieved a Silver rating.